Section Bending and Tube Manipulation

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Servicing British Industry for Forty Years


White Cross Ring Co are advantaged by being a small company with a big reputation, able to provide a personal, customised service to our customers. Throughout the years we have gained a wealth of experience and our expertise in section bending and tube manipulation is very broad. Meeting a diversity of challenges has, over the years, equipped us as leaders in this specialised market. We will happily investigate any metal bending problems you may have and advise you of alternative solutions if unable to help you ourselves.


We at White Cross Ring Co are passionate about helping our customers and as we serve so many different sectors of industry we always promote and recommend our customers to others... as it says on the crane we're "Backing Britian" ( Britain )

Photograph from the early days of White Cross 


Photograph from the early days of White Cross Ring Co. The graffiti on the crane dates to the 1968 "I'm Backing Britain" campaign.


...thankfully our rings were far better than our spelling!