Cold Section Bending of various metal and profiles

  • Large drilled channel rings

    Large drilled channel rings

  • 215 x 60 Band

    215 x 60 Band

  • 60 mm sq bar with teeth on outside radius

    60 mm sq bar with teeth on outside radius

Parapet Railings 100x 100 RHS rolled by White Cross Ring Co, location Peterborough
60 x 60 x 6 Angle bent with 2 different radiuses in one length, to form slope for Sheffield ski centre

Section Bending

Our core business is the cold bending of steel flat bars, angle iron, channels and hollow sections.


Over the past forty years, we have gained a comprehensive knowledge of section bending and we have developed innovative techniques in bending different metals and profiles. We are always willing to consider new and unusual operations. Such development has made us a leading company in our field.

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