The Handzitizer

White Cross Ring have been working throughout this national emergency to support all our customers but especially those supplying key industries. We have designed and built a free standing hand sanitiser dispenser to allow touch free, foot operated sanitising.

Adhered to Guidlines

We have been very conscious of adhering to the government guidelines and the need to make our working environment as safe as possible for our staff and any visitors to our factory in Bradford.

To this end our engineers have developed a foot operated hand sanitizing unit we have christened “The Handzitizer”.

Reduces risk of cross contamination

The Handzitizer has a simple mechanical design which eliminates the need for customers/colleagues to touch the pump of the sanitizer dispenser with their hand therefore reducing the risk of cross contamination.

The Handzitizer eliminates the need for batteries and dispensing fails due to batteries needing to be changed as the touch of the foot pedal dispenses the required amount of sanitizer to comply with government guidelines to prevent the spread of the disease.

Stylish & Stable

Made from STEEL the Handzitizer unit is heavy enough to be stable yet light enough to be moved easily maybe to the entrance of a restaurant, bar or hairdressers’ shop and other strategic locations.

It looks extremely stylish and can be supplied in a variety of colours to suit your interior design.

Hygienic Process

Liquid soap can be dispensed from the Handzitizer again in a more hygienic process in rest rooms, kitchens etc.

The Handzitizer comes with two refillable 500ml bottles which can easily be switched and locked into the unit reducing the risk of bottles going “walkabout”.

Made in Yorkshire

The Handzitizer is entirely made in Yorkshire and we have teamed up with a local manufacture of hand sanitiser and liquid soap to put together a very competitive package to help support British Industry, Retail and Hospitality sectors to get back to some kind of normality.

White Cross Rings can deliver to you a HANDZITIZER unit in a choice of colours

HANDZITIZER unit, including two full 500ml refillable bottles of hand sanitiser.

We make each Handzitizer to order, please contact our team to discuss your requirements.


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