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Getting Creative with Rings and Spheres

Our complex fabrications are seen all across the country, from lighting installations to private artwork. Your major high-street Christmas decorations aren’t simply pulled “off-the-shelf”; they’re painstakingly created by expert metallurgists, like ours at White Cross Ring. We are often asked by …
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A Family Affair

White Cross Ring is truly a family business and has been for generations. We pride ourselves on developing new talent and retaining valued members of staff.
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Proud Sponsors of Grassroots Rugby

As part of our longstanding drive to support local communities White Cross Ring Co Ltd and YORGRIP have become proud sponsors of two local junior rugby teams.
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Bending Our Way to the Future

White Cross Ring Co Ltd believe that significant investments in modern machinery and technology and a constant drive for improvement will secure our future for generations to come.
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Fairground Attraction

Important safety and maintenance work continuously needs to be carried on funfair rides and White Cross Ring have the skills to meet their exact specifications and tolerances required.
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Inner strength from White Cross Ring Co Ltd

For over five decades tube and bar bending has been a White Cross Ring Co Ltd speciality. Our fully automated tube and bar bending machinery can be used to provide a tight radius on bends and has the capacity to …
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