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Tubular, hooped steel security barriers for garage forecourts, car parks and city centres have long been a White Cross Ring speciality and can be made to your exact requirements.

Hooped perimeter barriers and cycle stands can be manufactured to any height or width, left long to be cemented in or with fixing plates for bolting down. These can be manufactured in a variety of tube diameters right up to 114 mm in mild steel and stainless steel, galvanised or powder coated as required. We are also able to supply flat bar in punched form.

Our extensive range of multipurpose barriers offer an array of safety and security measures. Here are some examples of the types of barriers we can manufacture:

Hooped perimeter barrier

Our cost effective and versatile hooped perimeter barriers offer additional perimeter security and can be used to prevent unwanted vehicle access. These robust barriers can be used to define boundaries, form trolley parks, waste disposal areas and can offer additional protection to door entrances and exits. Our hooped barriers are a popular choice with car dealerships, garage forecourts and many commercial premises.

Our barriers can be reinforced like the ones above to offer additional strength.

Low Level Hooped Perimeter barrier

The low-level Hooped Perimeter Barrier can be used for a vast array of commercial and industrial uses. All our barriers are easy to fit and can be provided in a variety of colours to suit your needs.

Column protectors

We are able to manufacture a wide rage of column protectors to suit all types of columns, posts and corners, steel girders, buildings. Our column protectors are suitable for external use and inside warehouses. Column and lamp post protectors can also be made to order in large or small quantities.
There are no minimum batch requirements and we invite you to contact us for a competitive quotation.

Cycle stands

White Cross Ring manufacture bike stands to any height or width that can accommodate two bikes by storing one bike on each side. The bike stands can be galvanised, or powder coated to a colour of your choice. There are no minimum order requirements so contact us now on 01274 669933 where our staff will be able to advise you on the best solution to you bike storage needs.

We have our own transport and an awareness of keeping delivery costs to a minimum for our customers. We offer swift and flexible delivery options and can use other delivery providers where appropriate.

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Our expertise and experience in this field makes White Cross Ring an ideal choice to manufacture your barriers. We can offer you a bespoke and personalised service to match your exact requirements.

Call us now on 01274 669933 to speak to one of our experts.