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With over 50 years of ring rolling experience, ring rolling is truly at the heart of our business. Our ring rolling service covers most steel sections, cold rolled to specific customer requirements.

Angle rings and flanges form a major part of our manufacturing output. We can manufacture rings in a range of sections and in various materials from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our “Top Hat” reinforcement rings can be customised to your requirements as can a variety of folded channels with toes in or out.

  • Punching- our high precision punching technology allows us to punch holes to your exact specifications and supply complete rings at highly competitive prices.
  • Welding-we can provide full penetration welds to tack welds in a variety of material specifications including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our welders are also trained in ring rolling which helps them ensure roundness and flatness to the end product.
  • Drilling-there are certain things that we cannot achieve with our punching machinery. In the early days before we had the technology we used to drill all of our rings. This has given us the experience and knowledge to continue to use this service where necessary. We endeavour to meet our high standard of quality on all of our drilled rings. As with our punching service we can drill to our customers own specifications. Once again resulting in a better end product.