Here at White Cross Ring Co Ltd we are proud of our tube bending heritage.

White Cross Ring Co Ltd believe that significant investments in modern machinery and technology and a constant drive for improvement will secure our future for generations to come.

Last month White Cross Ring Co Ltd welcomed a new BLM ELECT 52 All-Electric Multi-Stack CNC Tube Bending Machine; the latest in CNC tube bending technology from Italy.

What does this mean for our customers?

The all-electric (non-hydraulic) machine improves repeatability, accuracy and process speed meaning large quantity manufacturing can be cheaper whilst still maintaining precision.

The VGP3D graphic visual programming software enables us to Import individual tubes or complex 3D model assemblies in formats: STEP, IGES, XT and run simulations of your tube, this helps us overcome design problems. We can then export the modified model to be passed off by you, the customer before being put into production.

Our new machine has multiple tooling capabilities meaning we can easily bend tubes with more than one radius, in one process, including variable radius rolling enabling us to bend more complex parts faster with increased accuracy.

We also increased the spec of the machine with the following add-ons:

  • An extended machine chassis, this means we can process longer lengths of tube.
  • Pneumatic split bend die facility, this means we can bend not only round tube but square & rectangle section but also special profiles.
  • Weld seam detection and hole finder function, as tube laser cutting becomes cheaper and more competitive, we decided to have this option on our machine. This means the machine will detect and set the orientation required within seconds. All this means no possible operator error and faster processing times.

Here is our machine in its Italian factory. Our Managing Director Tom and Operations Manager John were lucky enough to fly out to Italy to inspect the machine before it was ready to be shipped over to our factory in Bradford.

tube bending machine
tube bending machine

It was an exciting day for the White Cross team as our ELECT 52 tube bending machine arrived at its new home in Yorkshire.

tube bending machine

Now it is ready and waiting for your orders however big or small!


Almost anything is possible in tube and White Cross Ring Co Ltd are the experts.

To request a quote or make further enquiries call 01274 669933.