For over five decades tube and bar bending has been a White Cross Ring Co Ltd speciality. Our fully automated tube and bar bending machinery can be used to provide a tight radius on bends and has the capacity to bend tube with a diameter up to 114.3 mm. We specialise in bending mild steel, stainless steel tube, galvanised pipe, rebar, copper and even duplex.

Many of our tube bending services are utilised to fabricate hooped perimeter barriers, bus and cycle shelters, hand rails, heating elements, furniture and even limpet coils for the production of vessels.

Reinforced bar “rebar” is a highly durable product which is usually used in the building trade for adding stability to concrete. Casting mild steel reinforcement bars into footings ahead of pouring fresh concrete massively improves the structure’s tensile strength. The visible indentations on the reinforcing bar help it to bind mechanically with the concrete when casted, reducing the risk of slippage.

Here are some mild steel reinforcing bars (rebar) being expertly bent on one of our ring rolling machines. These rebar coils are to be used to strengthen concrete.

By bending the rebar into coils the strengthening properties of the rebar are even greater. These rebar coils were to be used to reinforce concrete columns at a power station.

Here at White Cross Ring we are always willing to try new techniques in order to solve our customers’ bending needs; for orders of any size.
To find out more about our tube and bar bending capacities visit or call 01274 669933 to speak to one of our team of experts.