YORGRIP have extensive experience in the manufacture of bespoke safety platforms. 

Our safety platforms can provide improved access for factories, workshops, warehouses, construction projects and other uses nationwide.

YORGRIP safety platforms provide our customers with custom made solutions that meet their access and safety needs.

Here are two examples of bespoke safety platforms fabricated to our customer’s precise requirements.  

YORGRIP is a unique open grid system with a durable and effective built in grip. All our safety platforms incorporate YORGRIP’s open grid system that is designed to give maximum safety when working at height.
Our safety platforms and walkways are heavily used in the commercial road tanker industry due to their durable and effective built in grip.
They are also widely used as pit covers providing the ideal safety solution in mechanic workshops.
Finally, Happy New Year from all of us at White Cross Ring and YORGRIP!

Kind regards,

Tom and the White Cross and YORGRIP team