White Cross Rings Co Ltd have been rolling rings for over 50 years. Our rings are used extensively in tanker manufacturing, and we are the approved supplier to many of the leading tanker manufacturers nationwide.

Reinforcement Rings

The example above shows a tanker with White Cross Ring top hat reinforcement rings, a neck ring to provide access and also a YORGRIP safety walkway.  A perfect example of how White Cross Ring Co Ltd and YORGRIP craftsmanship can come together to offer engineering solutions to our customers. We also rolled the stainless-steel three-inch tube that is seen around the tank

These top hat reinforcement rings were used around the body of the tanker to provide strength and rigidity. We also roll stiffening rings, in angle, flat bar and channel to offer internal support structures to tankers.

Neck Rings

Our neck rings are used extensively to form the openings at the top of tankers: providing access to the contents of the tank and enabling servicing and testing to take place.

This picture showcases White Cross Ring neck rings alongside YORGRIP walkways providing safe access.

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